Step by Step Instructions

  • Step 1 - Welcome! Pick a table, pick a piece, choose some colors.

  • Step 2 - To limit waste, we are happy to get the paints for you!

  • Step 3 - Relax, have fun, and paint your heart out! If you need a refill on paint, please let us know at the paint window station.

  • Step 4 - Don't forget to blow dry your piece after each layer. Three layers are recommended for the brightest most opaque color after we fire it. Blow drying assures that there are no wet bubbles left on your piece before we put it in the kiln. Hidden/trapped moisture could cause cracks or worse....

  • Step 5 - Pay for your piece or pieces before you leave. If you need to come back to finish your piece, we will write that on your receipt.

  • Step 6 - We will call you to let you know when your piece is ready to be picked up! Pick-ups can be anywhere between 3 and 10 days, depending on when we get enough pieces to run a full kiln load.

  • Step 7 - Take your piece home; love it, show it off, tell your friends!

  • Step 8 - Invite your friends to join you the next time, or just come on their own when they need to relax and create.

  • Step 9 - Like us on Facebook. Share a picture of your piece on our page. Rate your experience in our studio! Weˇ¦ll see you next time!